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Some skin have special needs, Gabriel COUZIAN innovate to satisfy

20 years of research & innovations focusing on skin dryness mecanism and more

Gabriel Couzian offers cosmetic innovations developed in a spirit, voluntarily oriented towards health and safety, with comfort and skin protection as major concerns.                                                                                                            

Innovations for highly sensitive, dry to very dry and for some skin issues :                                      

Skin dryness : moderate, severe, recurrent related to eczema, psoriasis or certain therapeutic  treatments, click to see the testimonials from users                                                                                                         

1- A pre-treatment for skin dryness : Washing Oil Roman Bath                

2- Intense against very dry skin for limited skin area or all body related or not to eczema  :

Highly Nourishing Body Cream                                                                                                             

3- Against skin dryness when associated with psoriasis: Psoriacontrol         

4- Severe skin dryness  hands and feet.                                      

5- Lips severe Dryness especially during some medical treatments: anti-acne,hormonal treatments

6- Skin prone to atopy, children and adults.                                                  

7- irritation and itching after showering.

20 years of innovation in the fight against irritation and itching of the intimate area :      

Intimate Hygiene irritation zero score of excellence for protection and softness all day

Fully Intimate innovation 2011, the ultra-soft anal hygiene very useful for sensitive mucosa, irritation or hemorrhoids 

Fighting every day against skin dryness concerns all of us as it is the most effective skin" wellness treatment" to stay younger and preserve skin comfort.