Laboratoire Gabriel Couzian can help you fight against pimples !

Our therapeutic arsenal includes three products:

  1. Makeup Removal Cleansing Cream
  2. Long-Lasting Hydration
  3. Vegetal Lip Balm Honey Coco Pomegranate

Makeup Removal Cleansing Cream

Most facial washes dry out and strip the skin. And it is uncomfortable. Well it's over!

Thanks to our cleansing cream, an extremely gentle moisturizing cleansing cream, your skin will be deeply cleansed without being stripped, and hydrated as well.

Wash your face with our cleansing cream like a liquid soap twice a day.

@Ladies: our makeup remover cleansing cream also removes eye makeup with 0 irritation...try it and enjoy some savings ;-)

Long-Lasting Hydration

After using the cleansing cream like a liquid soap, apply our moisturizing cream 2 times a day.

The Long-Lasting Hydration moisturizes while soothing. A feeling of freshness and comfort sets in immediately.

Vegetal Lip Balm Honey Coco Pomegranate

On imperfections, apply our lip balm twice a day. It has natural antibacterial properties.

Your skin will look better every day with an easy-to-follow protocol.

It’s up to you now!

Dermatologically yours,

Catherine Bourne
Dr. of Pharmacy

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