Our Story

Our company is considered by the pharmaceutical industry as a research and innovation laboratory.

It exists because of the special nature of its innovations and their effectiveness.

Our network of pharmacists and customers who have been loyal to our brand for more than 20 years bear witness to our success.



Certificate of advanced studies from the Institute of Industrial Pharmacy in Lyon.

ISIPCA Versailles (school for post-graduate studies in perfume, cosmetics products and food-flavour formulation)

Established his laboratory in January 1991 in order to devote himself to scientific research, with the aim of devising dermocosmetic treatments for problem skin.



Creates a treatment for dry hands.

Receives a high tolerance score.

Achieves the best score for skin tolerance among 473 similar creams.


Creates Roman Bath Bodywash Repair Oil.

A true scientific innovation.

Passionate about history, he discovers that the Romans, when they would meet up at the baths, covered themselves in oil before getting into the pools.

This crucial step meant they benefited from the advantages of the thermal baths without suffering from the harsh effects of the hard water.

And so, the Roman Bath Bodywash Repair Oil was born.

Tested under dermatological control, the Roman Bath is proof that, after just one application, the skin’s protective film (hydrolipidic film) is completely restored after just 15 minutes.


Creates the Highly Nourishing Body Cream.

An intensive treatment for dry skin based on particle movements.


Creates the Intimate Hygiene Replenishing Washing Oil.

Zero irritation.


Creates Totally Intimate.

The first treatment wash for the anal mucosa.

A world first.


Creates the Intensive Balm.

Steps up the battle against recurring dry skin.

Score of zero on the irritation scale when tested under dermatological conditions:

  • Bodywash Repair Oil (Roman Bath)
  • Highly Nourishing Body Cream
  • Intimate Hygiene


Partnership with CATHERINE BOURNE

Doctor of pharmacy

Based on a friendship going back more than 20 years, Gabriel Couzian and Catherine Bourne decide to go into partnership in order to give new impetus to the laboratory.

With her background in the medical world and as a client of the laboratory right from the start, Catherine promises Gabriel that she will see his name, as well as his laboratory, rise to their rightful place:

The highest rung of the ladder

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